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How can hypnotherapy help?


Anxiety and stress can be overwhelming. They do not have to stay that way.

Get help and support now.

Hypnotherapy can offer strategies for the management of anxiety as well as having tools to explore the roots of the problem and exploring those can make change.

Stressed Woman

Time to address that phobia?

Take control back now.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

We offer tailored 6 session plans which address the psychology behind eating and help you to change your thinking and behaviour around food. 

If you are looking to reduce you portion site we also offer a hypnotic gastric band.

Measuring Waist
Holding E-cigarette

Want to stop smoking or vaping?

Save money and improve your health now


Supportive an inclusive of all relationship models and orientations. We are happy to help with sex and relationship difficulties of all kinds.

Gay Couple Eating Popsicles
Gym Workout

Targeted support for body builders and power lifters


Struggling with a new or existing diagnosis?

We offer tailored support. Pain management packages are available.

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