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Weight loss packages

Providing Everything You Need

Checking Weight
Checking Weight

Targeted to you

This is not a generic weight loss package, support needs to suit your individual struggles and be organised in a way that you will respond to best.

Whether you choose our holistic weight loss package or our gastric band treatment we design treatment to suit you as an individual.

Someone who understands

Due to a health condition I struggle to lose weight. I understand the feelings associated with food and eating and I love being able to support people through their journeys and see the changes.

Friends at the Beach
Walking in the Woods

Meeting your goals

Whether you want to fit into a dress for a special occasion, keep up with your kids, feel healthier or simply get back to where you used to be, I can help.

Weight loss options

We have three different weight loss packages available

Fresh Produce

Holistic weight loss

Investigating your relationship with food and providing treatment to challenge negative behaviours and build a new more positive relationship with food.

Aversion treatments to stop you eating your bad foods and creating a desire to make better choices.

A personalised 6 session treatment block is £350 or you can pay per session at our normal session rate

Patient Room

Hypno Gastric band package

Hypnotic gastric band package is perfect for people with large appetites who want to feel full for longer and reduce portion size.

Our gastric band package is £350 and can be paid in two blocks but not at our normal session rate.

Diet Orange

Gastric band with aversion

If you are looking to reduce your portion size but are also a grazer this six session package takes the best from both packages in order to challenge your eating behaviour and provide you with the hypno gastric band experience.

This all in six session package is £400

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